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Wholesale China Jerseys ”Which man wouldn’t remember those days









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Barks Michael Benjamin Men are strange creatures!? Narcissism and egoism comprise a huge chunk of our nature and can even be c**idered the variables that keep us alive and performing. Show me a man who professes not to have told a tall tale of his conquests with woman and I will show you a bare-faced liar.A woman once asked me, “How do you know when a man is lying?” Observing my puzzlement she blurted out, “His lips are moving.”“Men lie about everything,” a woman once told me. “Men have boasted of kissing a girl when all they did was to hold her fingertips. They have boasted of going all the way even before they have been afforded an accidental ‘fat eye.’During puberty, when the birds and the bees are flying, young men believe they possess the savvy to let those insects loose. They don’t see a need to exercise patience until the honey matures and tastes much sweeter.Retaining one’s virginity,Cheap China Jerseys, whether male or female, until marriage has become old fashioned and outdated. An 18-year old woman/man risks ridicule when admitting this to colleagues.Before, sexual activities were regarded as sacrosanct with both genders exercising extreme caution when engaging in amorous encounters, but that was a long time ago when values were taught during the socialization process. These days loose sexual behaviour is prevalent when ironically, the risks are greater.The advent of ‘the Big Truck’ has underlined the need or all parties to curb lascivious urges and stick to one partner. Alas! Quite the contrary, sex has become a major bargaining tool and as someone succinctly said, most business deals are c**ummated in the bedrooms rather that in the boardrooms.As a lad in school, the sexually transmitted diseases making their rounds were herpes and venereal diseases, particularly gonorrhea, the latter also referred to as ‘Leak.’ I remembered some of my classmates who got ‘started’ earlier than most, would flaunt their stuff like peacocks and if they manage to contract ‘Leak,Wholesale Jerseys,’ would wear the emblem on their lapels with pride.To many, ‘picking up a tack,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,’ the term used for contracting ‘Leak’ distinguished the men from the boys.Of course all it took in those days to eliminate such unwanted baggage was a few minutes with the doctor, an injection and kaboom! The infection disappears while the infected whistles his way home to once again engage in ‘bare back’ sex, totally oblivious to the lurking dangers.Those were the good old days yet my parents would compare them with their childhood days and become critical.“I can’t begin to fathom what passes for standards these days,” they would wonder aloud. Then they would recite what obtained during their youthful days and end their monologue with the clichéd term ‘those were the good old days.’We are now into the 20th century and those ‘terrible days’ have become ‘the good old days.’ As a schoolboy, my parents would narrate their childhood experiences and make comparis**. They would reminisce of those days when the men would come a knocking, flowers in hand, only to be turned away by a disapproving grandmother whose expectati** were way beyond the human capacity.During my initial dating days I clearly remember the plethora of questi** and the thorough investigative processes young men endured before they were accepted into the woman’s family or could have been afforded a date with the lady of their dreams.Even then, little ‘Junior’ or ‘Mary’ was an unavoidable baggage you had to carry; where getting past the woman’s knickers was an ordeal in itself.The embarrassments were many; successes few, yet men persisted, comforted by the idiom that ‘a faint heart never won a fair lady.’ Many men bold enough to pursue their goals despite the vicissitudes could recite the embarrassment of sneaking a visit to their chosen one only to be drenched in ice cold water.Some received verbal abuses from their potential mothers-in-law or in some cases, their mother-in-law’s mother, yet their love was so great that they returned for more.Of course, drenching offensive paramours with miasmic substances, according to my good friend, (you know who), was unheard of in those days. People were not so messy, pardon the pun, so the amorous d** were given a thorough drenching with water.I am now a grown man and my mother’s ‘terrible days’ are now my ‘good old days.’ Indeed, young men of my era,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, now grown and matured, would reminisce on their courting days when the birds and bees were aggressively flying around. If by chance the young man managed to ‘swar’ a young lady enough to get past her knickers, and if by chance that woman knowingly or unknowingly carried an STD, he could have rested assured that the germ could have been eliminated by a simple injection or maybe after swallowing a few pills.Nowadays, you can swallow how many pills you like, you would be unable to rid yourself of that ‘Big Truck.’ Those were indeed the good old days because nowadays, one false move and its curtains for the adventurer.It is amazing that whenever men gather around to compare notes on their childhood experiences that the blueprint is almost identical. I think it was Dave Martins and his Tradewinds band that bared men before the public.“Remember the first time yo kiss a girl pon she mouth; Remember how yo feel like if the back of your head gon fall out?”Which man wouldn’t remember those days? They were exciting days and convinced many a young man that he had what it took to thump himself on the chest with bold proclamati**, “Been there, done that.”The mode of dress distinguished the normal run-of-the-mill individuals from the authentic ‘sweet boys.’ A Chambray shirt,NFL Jerseys Cheap, designed with two darts along the sides at the back of the garment, worn with gabardine slacks that spiraled down to the ankle in a ‘drainpipe’ fashion.A fur Kangol and a pair of Clarks shoes completed the getup.Scooters and CBRs were the mode of transportation of the rich and famous. The proletariat would own three-speed Raleigh cycles and the more inventive would affix a small piece of wire within the gear system that would emit a ticking sound as he pedaled along the streets.In those days men competed for bikes that ticked the loudest. Women would sit daintily behind on the carrier affixed at the back of the machine for an afternoon ride. Nowadays, which man can pull up at a young lady’s house with a three-speed bike to take her for an afternoon ride? She would simply laugh him right off of that machine.Things have changed drastically!Later in life the very men that used to ‘big up’ themselves and ‘run up they mouth’ about their conquests with women, now do an about turn and like Judas Iscariot, vehemently denies committing the act. “Who me?” Nah man. I never even hold she hand much less.”During puberty, confusion abounds. There was always a ‘know it all’ who everyone treated like a sage. During adolescence my ‘know it all’ was a boy by the name of Sammy, a member of my class in third form.“Anytime you make out with a girl and you don’t want her to get pregnant, give her a cold glass of water and then instruct her to stand on her head for about half an hour,” he would advise.Now since he was the ‘Don’ of the class,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, his words were gospel. His rationale was that the male sperm would be unable to unite with the female ovaries once this procedure was followed.There was no empirical evidence to support this theory but we bought it hook line and sinker because Sammy was a lady’s man and had to know a thing or two. Today, I go into the schools and I do not see anyone standing on their heads. Those little boys couldn’t care less whom they impregnate. Moral values are a thing of the past.In those days sex discussi** were taboo. Parents recited the story of the stork.“Mommy, where did I come from?”“Son, the stork brought you.”All this time children are listening to matured conversation on the streets and when the parents believe that their ‘stork folklore’ is accepted as gospel, the children have shocking versi** of their own.Nowadays,Brent Seabrook Jersey, courting has lost its values. If you see a man get out of his car to open the door for his date it’s either the car or the woman that is new. Someone pointed out to me the way dogs operate when they are in heat. The bull walks over to the bitch, takes one smell and decides that’s all the evidence he needs to make pups. Humans are different! They meet their choice, serenade them, take them out to lunch, to meet their parents; solicit societal approval; vow to love until death and in less than five years these two lovers cannot bear the sight of each other. Then when they are questioned on the reason for the separation they reply, “Boy things gone to the dogs.”I beg to differ, dogs are more civilized than us human beings—or so some people make it appear. Bow wow.

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